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Where to hunt Musk Deer

Musk deer is one of the smallest and most ancient kinds of deer. Instead of antlers, musk deer bucks sport a set of long canines, that earned them an informal nickname of ‘vampire’ or ‘sabretooth deer’. Seven species inhabit Asia, from the Indian Peninsula to Siberia. It is the Siberian musk deer, or kabarga, that can currently be an object of legal hunting. The range of Siberian musk deer also covers parts of Mongolia and China, but hunting opportunities are limited to Russia.

Price distribution

Few outfitters offer musk deer hunting. To hunt the ‘vampire deer’ in Siberia, expect to pay about $4,000-$5,000. The price is determined by the need of travel to remote wilderness where you can find musk deer. For a better value, you can combine a musk deer hunt with a hunt for other Siberian species such as brown bear, capercaillie, lynx or sable.

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When to hunt Musk Deer?

Musk deer season in various parts of Russia may open in the early October and run until the end of December. The best time for hunting is probably December, when the animals have the rut. Snow is a great help to hunt musk deer, and so it is best to schedule the hunt for the second part of the season.


Hunting methods

A hunter who is after a trophy musk deer buck will have to use one of the following two methods. First is a combination of a spot-and-stalk hunt with tracking through the snow. The other is hunting with dogs. Musk deer escape predators by climbing rocks that no other animal (save maybe a snow sheep) can reach. The dogs pursue them there and indicate their location by barking. In any case, the hunt implies a lot of walking over rough terrain. Musk deer are not only small, but also expert jumpers, being able to do 180-degrees changes in direction in just one leap. This makes them a challenging target.

Why hunt Musk Deer?

Musk deer have been historically hunted not only for meat, but also for the product of the musk gland from which the species got its name. Musk deer has a reputation of an “easy” animal to hunt among Siberian professional hunters. But this is true only for snaring or calling - a kid in distress call may offer an easy chance on a female. As soon as you limit yourself to a trophy buck… whole different story. Few modern Western trophy rooms can show you a pair of musk deer canine teeth that the animals use to settle disputes over territory or who gets to breed a particular female, bucks trying to intimidate each other before engaging in actual combat. A hunt for musk deer, in the pristine wilderness of Siberia, is an unforgettable experience.

Musk deer (lake Baikal region)

Musk deer (lake Baikal region) Russia

Beautiful nature and hunting for mystique Musk deer.

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Hunting season: 15 Oct 2020 31 Dec 2020

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Musk Deer

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