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Why Macedonia

Hunting in Macedonia: Hunt the Unspoiled Heart of the Balkans

Hunt the Unspoiled Heart of the Balkans

Relatively undeveloped and undiscovered by tourists, Macedonia has abundant game populations and offers a true wilderness hunting experience

Hunting in Macedonia: Trophy Chamois and Ibex

Trophy Chamois and Ibex

Macedonia is known for its large Balkan chamois trophies, and it is a major destination for hunting kri kri ibex

Hunting in Macedonia: Combo Hunts at Great Prices

Combo Hunts at Great Prices

With a wide variety of native and introduced species, Macedonia is well positioned to offer hunts for a combination of different species at affordable prices

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About hunting in Macedonia

The small country of Macedonia on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe is sparsely populated, heavily forested, and very mountainous, with its highest point reaching almost 10,000 feet. Considered “the heart of the Balkans,” it boasts some of the best Balkan chamois hunting in Europe, and it also has large populations of wolves and wild boars, as well as a variety of other European game including mouflon, fallow deer, roebuck, and red deer. The kri kri ibex, imported to Macedonia from islands in Greece, is a major draw for hunters. Macedonia also has a number of other introduced species, including aoudad and axis deer. It offers a great opportunity for a combination hunt for several species at reasonable prices. The culture of Macedonia is part Balkan and part Mediterranean, and the nation is rich in Greek, Roman and Ottoman history. Macedonia’s interesting and friendly culture is only exceeded by its wealth of wildlife.

What you need to know

  • 1. Planning your trip
  • 2. Upon arrival
  • 3. Hunting
  • 4. After the hunt

Planning your trip


No visa is required for EU, US, Australian, Canadian, or New Zealand citizens for stays of up to three months. Hunters may bring their own firearms, but it’s crucial to arrange all details with your outfitter in advance. You must be able to provide all rifle and ammunition details as well as a valid hunting license from your home country, and you will need a written invitation from your outfitter in order to import your firearms when you arrive in Macedonia.

Upon arrival

Most hunters arrive in the capital, Skopje, via connecting flights from other large European airports. Discuss arrival options with your outfitter; Macedonia is gun-friendly, but it has its own language, so it is best to be met by an interpreter who can take you through the arrival and customs formalities, especially if you are bringing your own firearm.


Hunting difficulty varies widely. For hunters seeking a mountain experience, there are high, rugged peaks where Balkan chamois, mouflon, and ibex are stalked, and the hunting can be difficult, especially when there is heavy snow. There are also many hilly regions and plains areas where boars, deer, and other game are abundant. Most of this hunting is done by spot-and-stalk or by glassing from a high seat. Boars may be taken on driven hunts, and wolves are usually hunted over bait at night.

After the hunt

Initial trophy preparation is usually handled by the outfitter. Export documents and veterinary certificates are usually prepared by the management of the hunting area immediately after the evaluation of the trophy and, if possible, are issued prior to the hunter’s departure. Discuss trophy export requirements and procedures with your outfitter prior to arriving at the hunting area.

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