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Great Curassow hunting

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Where to hunt Great Curassow

Great Curassow is a big bird common in Central and South America. In size, it is even bigger than the Ocellated Turkey, and with its crested head, black plumage, and bright yellow beak, it has an even more striking appearance. Hunting opportunities for Great Curassow are found in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Price distribution

Hunting a Great Curassow requires a real hunting expedition into the wild and exotic jungle of the Yucatan. The hunt will last at least 7 days and will cost just under $5,000. To the base price, add the shooting fees for the animals you’ll harvest. The trophy fee for a Great Curassow is about $800.

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When to hunt Great Curassow?

There are two hunting seasons in the Yucatan, in the beginning and in the end of the dry season. In the wet season the roads are nearly impassible, and the animals are scattered over the jungle, rather than concentrated over sources of water. The spring season runs from March to May, and the fall season from September to November. Most bird hunters prefer the spring season.


Hunting methods

Unlike Turkeys, Great Curassow are monogamous, and a few pairs may form a flock. Like turkeys, they feed and generally spend most of their time on the ground, but roost and nest on trees. The flocks can be very vocal, which opens an opportunity for still-hunting. The hunter walks quietly through the places where the birds are likely to be, and after he or she hears the flock, tries to stalk them. An alternative way is walking through the jungle in line, or rather a horseshoe-shaped figure, with the hunter(s) at the bottom and ends, and the guides in between. This increases the likelihood of flushing the birds, and one that escapes one gunner may fly into another.

Why hunt Great Curassow?

The Great Curassow is one of the most prized game birds across its range. Not only it provides the subsistence hunters with a whole lot of meat, but the meat is delicious as well; the white meat is said to taste even better than Turkey. For an international hunter, Great Curassow hunting means immersion into an unusual habitat, and the hunting traditions that date back to pre-Columbian times, sitting around the campfire and sleeping in hammocks, surrounded by smells and sounds of the jungle. In short, it’s an adventure!

Jungle Hunt '22

Jungle Hunt '22

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Great Curassow

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