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Welcome to our COVID-19 special page! Here we will inform you on what limits on hunting and travel are there, and what hunts you should consider now. In addition you’ll find things that will entertain, educate, and inspire you in the isolation of your lockdown.

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Restrictions on Travel and Hunting - Latest Updates

At present, most nations have attempted to tighten policies and lockdowns due to the recent surge in a number of cases and the information on the new stamms of the virus.


As of February 2021, different states apply different policies regarding lockdowns, travel requirements, and other measures they hope will prevent the spread of the disease. The hunting seasons carry on as usual, however, access to some public lands such as national parks may be limited. Tourism travel to Alaska is possible, conditional to COVID-19 tests taken both before the flight and on arrival, and your wilderness trip counted as quarantine. If you are concerned about a hunt you already have booked, please contact your outfitter to keep updated and reschedule if necessary.

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The border between Canada and the USA is closed for all non-essential travel, and will remain closed for an indefinite period of time. So is most of international travel by air, and even travel between provinces is only possible conditional to 14-day self-isolation. Additional restrictive measures are set by provinces, depending on local conditions.

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As of February 2021, a surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths, as well as information about new, potentially more transmissible, stamms of the virus, forced most countries to impose tight lockdowns. New travel restrictions may be introduced literally at any moment,as truck drivers headed to France and passengers of Germany-bound flights from the UK discovered recently, so the best course of action for you at present is to find out the relevant travel rules for the country, province, and city, and check them out daily. On the bright side, European nations are making progress with their vaccination attempts, and it looks like in a few month people who can present a vaccination certificate may be able to travel freely to and from the EU.

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South America

As of February 2021, most South American nations are on strict anti-COVID measures, including a ban on entry for foreign nationals, excluding the residents of the relevant countries. Argentina also requires a 14-days quarantine on arrival. Bolivia, however, allows entry, including for purposes of tourism, if on boarding the plane the traveller can produce a negative PCR test, certified by the Bolivian consulate.

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As of February 2021, the overall ban on both incoming and outgoing traffic for both Russian citizens and foreign nationals is still in place, with exceptions granted for certain categories of people (including truck drivers, ship crews, “qualified specialists” and athletes), and a small number of countries (including the UK, Turkey, Egypt and Switzerland). Medical treatment is also considered a valid cause to enter Russia, and it is rumored that many foreign nationals who need to travel to the country are taking advantage of the opportunity (many medical services in Russia are very cheap). Self-isolation on arrival is not required, but travellers must either present a negative PCR test taken no more than three days before the arrival, or take the test two days after arrival. No intra-country travel restrictions are currently in place, and hunting seasons continue as usual.

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As of February 2021 most countries are operating as usual, and international travel is possible conditional to negative COVID tests. The majority of outfitters are taking bookings with the option for clients to change their safari dates according to protocols at the time of their planned safari. Many countries extended their hunting seasons for 2020 which enabled late season hunts to take place. While South Africa has been in the spotlight regarding the new, allegedly more transmissible, strain of coronavirus, which resulted in two provinces going back to lockdown, border closures, and flight cancellations, it is important to notice that there are currently no bans for American citizens and permanent residents for travel to South Africa. Further restrictions are expected. As everywhere else in the world, regulations change from day to day, week to week and country to country.

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New Zealand borders remain closed to all travel by foreigners, and so does Australia (except for foreign nationals who are permanent residents or have immediate family in the country). Most outfitters are rescheduling hunts to '21-22.

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