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Where to hunt Capybara

Capybara, the world’s biggest rodent, is the native of South America. It leads a semi-aquatic lifestyle, and can be found wherever there is water in every country of the continent except Chile. Capybara hunting is popular all over South America, but the best opportunities for an international hunter are found in Argentina.

Price distribution

Like most trophy hunting, the price of a Capybara hunt is made up of daily rate and shooting fee. The daily rates in Argentina are on the order of $400-$500 a hunter a day, which is not too expensive considering they include 5-star accommodation, catering, and wines. The shooting fee for a Capybara is about $2,000.

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When to hunt Capybara?

Capybara hunting in Argentina is open all year round. Most hunters will hunt Capybara in the course of a hunt for other species, that may have a definite “best” time for hunting. For example, the prime time for Red Stag hunting in Argentina is May, when the deer have the “roar”. So you can time your Capybara hunt accordingly.


Hunting methods

The most common way of Capybara hunting is spot-and-stalk. Even though Capybara is the world’s biggest rodent, and can weigh up to 80 pounds, it presents a smallish target, especially in the water, with only the tip of the head showing above. To pick up a good specimen, and to make an unerring killing shot, you will have to approach them within 100 meters. This can be quite a challenge, as the Capybara live in groups from 10 to 20 individuals, with as many pairs of eyes watching out. If you walk, you’ll be recognized as a human, and if you crawl on your belly, the locals say, you resemble the Cayman, Capybara’s deadliest natural enemy.

Why hunt Capybara?

Capybara hunting is popular in every country along its range, even where, like in Brazil, it is forbidden. The rodent is pursued for its skin, for a special fatty substance that covers its hairs and is used in perfumery, and most of all for its meat, often described as the best gme meat in South America. During the Spanish colonization, the Catholic missionaries loved Capybara so much, that, based on the fact that Capybara spends most of its time in water, they convinced the Vatican to classify the rodent as a fish. This way, they could eat it even when they were supposed to fast! If you have a thing about hunting Hare and Rabbit, you should definitely try hunting the world’s biggest rodent, the Capybara.

Big game hunt in La Pampa/Patagonia

Big game hunt in La Pampa/Patagonia

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Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Capybara, Axis deer, Blackbuck, Brown brocket deer, Dall sheep...
Trip duration: 5 - 10 days
Season: 1 Mar 2024 - 30 Jun 2024
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