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Magnificent Bukharan Markhor Hunt

Magnificent Bukharan Markhor Hunt Tajikistan

An experience you will never forget! You will hunt in the middle of the Kushvariston Mountains, a region famous for their high population density of Bukharan Markhor. Chase the magnificent Bukharan Markhor and discover the breathtaking beauty of never-ending landscapes of Tajikistan. To ensure sustainable use and minimal impact on the population, we concentrate on old class animals at least over 8 years. In January 2016, a hunter bagged a Bukharan Markhor that yielded a horn length field measurement of 132 centimetres (52 inches). The ram’s estimated age was eleven years. All tours are strictly organized on the basis of official permits we obtain for our guests by the responsible state authorities. Now there are a good number of mature and large rams. Day 1: Arrival at the airport, transfer to the hunting territory, acclimatisation and setting up of the camp. Day 2-8: Dedicated to the hunt. Day 9: Transfer back to Dushanbe We are ready to tailor your hunt to your wishes. Flexibility in the number of hunting days as well as on species. We also offer the possibility to combine your trip with an unforgettable and professionally organized hunting tour on wild boar, with no additional costs besides the shooting fee. Wild boar trophies (tusks) are usually above 20 cm (8 inches) length. Wild boar is hunted where it occurs in large numbers and causes significant damage to local agriculture. Please feel free to ask for individual service & hunts. Family and friends are very welcome. We would be delighted to organise hiking tours and special sightseeing programs for your family while you are on the hunt.

Trip duration: 9 days

Hunting season: 1 Oct 2021 30 Dec 2021

Package price $150,000 for 9 days, 1 hunter
Bukharan Markhor

Bukharan Markhor Uzbekistan

Unique offer of Bukharn Markhor hunting in Uzbekistan.

Trip duration: 7 days

Hunting season: 15 Nov 2021 31 Dec 2021

Package price $150,000 for 7 days, 1 hunter
Bukharan Markhor

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