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Where to hunt Agouti Paca

Agouti Paca is a big rodent that inhabits rainforests and cloud forests of both North and South America from southern Mexico to northern Argentina. Agouti Paca is a prized quarry for subsistence hunters across their range. Sport hunting for Agouti Paca is offered by a number of outfitters mostly in Yucatan, Mexico.

Price distribution

Agouti Paca hunting is offered as a part of a hunting expedition in the jungle of the Yucatan. The major part of the price is the overall cost of the expedition, which is about $4,500 for a 7-day hunt. This price does not include shooting fee for the animals you will be lucky to harvest. Shooting fee for Agouti Paca is $500.

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When to hunt Agouti Paca?

There are two hunting seasons in the Yucatan. The first runs from March till May and is said to be better for bird hunting. The second is from September to November, and is better for big game. Hunting is nearly impossible in the wet seasons, both because of problems in transportation, and because animals are scattered around the jungle rather than concentrated over water sources.


Hunting methods

Local hunters usually hunt Agouti Paca by spotlighting, that is, lighting up animals at night with a powerful beam, and shooting them as they temporarily freeze in place. Sports hunters typically pursue Agouti Paca opportunistically, and harvest them when the opportunity arises while a spot-and-stalk hunt, or hunting from a blind for species like Brocket Deer.

Why hunt Agouti Paca?

The cradle of the Maya civilization, the Yucatan today is a wild and exotic place for a European, Canadian or American, full of big, brightly colored birds and small, secretive animals. Hunting has always been an important part of the Maya culture, both before Columbus and today. It is one of the rare opportunities in the modern world to walk in the shoes of the brave explorers of old, and bring back a few trophies as material reminders of the adventure.

Jungle Hunt '23

Jungle Hunt '23

Agouti paca, Brown brocket deer, Central American agouti, Chachalaca, Chukar...
Trip duration: 7 - 14 days
Season: 15 Mar 2023 - 31 May 2023
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Agouti Paca

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