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Duck hunting in South America 20 hunts

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3 Tage

Father and Son Duck shooting trip Argentinien

Three hours away from Ezeiza International Airport is “San Juan Lodge” located in a stunning rural setting in the heart of the Duck region of Buenos Aires Province, the Estancia has a great location and a warm and welcoming style, close to Bolivar city. Hunters may also fly from Buenos Aires (Ezeiza International Airport), directly to the lodge on a private flight or by car. The lodging experience at San Juan Lodge is just as exceptional as the Duck hunting experience. Guests are treated to an array of 5-star amenities and luxuries not normally associated with hunting lodges. From the wine and cuisine to the service and hospitality, San Juan resoundingly exceeds expectations. The lodge has six spacious double - occupancy bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. There is a maximum capacity of 12 hunters. We are highly committed to making great strides with innovative permanent dry blinds, species specific decoys, robo ducks, electronic duck calls and other additions to the daily hunts to make for a quality experience and the best waterfowl shooting of your life. The area around San Juan Lodge supports a wide variety of duck species such as the Red Shoveler, Teal (Silver, Ringed, Speckled, Cinnamon and Brazilian), Yellow Billed and White Cheeked Pintail, Fulvous and White-Faced Whistling Duck, Chilean Widgeon, and the country’s trophy duck, the Rosy Billed Pochard. Although weather, blind location, and water levels determine the makeup of a day’s take, many hunters’ bags consist of 7-11 different species. We utilize the best equipment to maximize your hunting experience and are constantly striving to improve our methods. Also available at San Juan Lodge are perdiz shoots over pointing dogs. This upland, Chukar-sized game bird, flushes in singles and pairs and provides a challenging target and is excellent table fare.


Ente Wildtauben Rebhuhn Taube

Paketangebot Familienfreundlich Waffen-Verleih Transfer Niederwild Flugwild Wasservögel
Father and Son Duck shooting trip Father and Son Duck shooting trip Father and Son Duck shooting trip Father and Son Duck shooting trip Father and Son Duck shooting trip
für 3 Tage, 2 Jäger

4 Bewertungen

Jagdsaison: 1 Mai 2020 30 Jul 2020

8 Tage

Mixed Bag & Red Stag Combo 2020 Argentinien

The package includes 1 Red stag up to 320 sci, 4 full hunting days (1 hunter x1 guide) + 4 full days Mixed Bag shooting We call Mixed Bag Program to the shooting combination of three different species in one place. We offer the best of the challenging shooting of ducks, the high volume dove shooting and the unique perdiz hunt. Big Game Hunting in Cordoba, Calamuchita’s Valley surrounded by enormous mountains, deep ravines and hidden valleys makes for a great outdoor adventure. The horses provide unbeatable access to this beautiful land and the view from the saddle is amazing. Horses not your style? You may also choose to hunt from a 4X4 truck. This will be an example of the program: Day 1 : Morning arrival to Santa Fe Airport, transfer to Mixed Bag Lodge about 2.5hs, 1/2 day afternoon shooting. Night at the lodge Days 2-5: Full day Mixed Bag shooting. Night at the lodge Day 6: Morning departure to Cordoba, transfer to Big Game Lodge, Prepare the guns and target practice. Night at Big Game Lodge the lodge. Days 7-10: Full day Hunting. Night at the lodge. Day 11: Morning Breakfast, Early departure from big game lodge to the airport Please inquire for available dates.

Bogenjagd Büchsenjagd Flintenjagd Pirschjagd Wasservögel Flugwild

Ente Wildtauben Rebhuhn Rothirsch

Paketangebot Familienfreundlich Fischen Waffen-Verleih Transfer Niederwild Flugwild
Mixed Bag & Red Stag Combo 2020 Mixed Bag & Red Stag Combo 2020 Mixed Bag & Red Stag Combo 2020 Mixed Bag & Red Stag Combo 2020 Mixed Bag & Red Stag Combo 2020
für 8 Tage, 1 Jäger

Jagdsaison: 1 Mai 2020 31 Jul 2020

3 Tage

3 Day Duck Shooting over decoys Argentinien

Our duck hunting operation is immerse into the huge agriculture pampas offering to the hunters easy access and abundant hunting, the area is located at 4 hours drive by paved roads from the International airport in Buenos Aires. Shooting starts while it is still nearly dark and the ducks come fast in the early hours. The Duck area gives to the hunter a greater variety of ducks let harvested up around eleven different species on one trip. The Duck hunting begins early morning, after breakfast, drive to the pond where use natural vegetation blinds into or outside the pond, mostly we provide dry spots just steps away from the truck access giving the hunting a natural frame that is beyond comparison. Early morning when is still dark the guides spreads the decoys and as soon as light comes, the marsh rises in thousand of noises and the ducks start flying, flock after flock to the decoys while the guide calls them, they coming from multiple directions consisting in decoy and pass shooting opportunities in incredible numbers with one or two hunters in each location. The bird boys carry the decoys; mojo’s, shells, stools and also retrieve your ducks, they also call the birds and help you to watch for ducks. We normally hunt three hours in the morning and two in the afternoon, with a break at midday time, returning to the Lodge to enjoyed an outstanding lunch with famous Argentinean wines and siesta between hunts. During the afternoon, coming back to the fields and hunt ducks until is dark. After afternoon hunt return to the lodge to enjoy snacks, drinks and a great dinner accompanied by our famous Argentinean wines. Species: Yellow billed, White Cheek pintails, Fulvous and White face tree ducks, Rosy billed Pochard, Southern Chilean Widgeon, Red Shoveler. Teals: Cinnamon, Silver, Speckled, Black head and Brazilian teal. Last openings: • May 12-18 • June 6-12 • July 3-9 • July 29th - August 4th

Tarnjagd Flintenjagd Wasservögel Flugwild


Waffen-Verleih Transfer Niederwild Flugwild Wasservögel
3 Day Duck Shooting over decoys 3 Day Duck Shooting over decoys 3 Day Duck Shooting over decoys 3 Day Duck Shooting over decoys 3 Day Duck Shooting over decoys
Preis ab
für 3 Tage, 1 Jäger

1 Bewertung

Jagdsaison: 11 Mai 2020 4 Aug 2020

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