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Pyrenean Chamois hunt Spain

Outstanding free range hunting for Pyrenean Chamois in on of the best hunting areas of Spain. Upon arrival to the airport you will be met by our representative who will take care of customs formalities and then transfer you to the hunting ground where you will be guided by our PH and local guide. This hunt is for adventure hunters who want to experience mountain hunting in Spain. Upon arrival at Madrid´s airport you will meet our outfitter/PH and after paperwork is done, we make a 5h car drive to the hunting grounds where we will start hunting. We strongly recommend to have insurance and to book at least 2-3 days so we are not in a rush for transfers. Before every hunt we test rifles. Depending on conditions, we use 4x4 vehicles or walk through the hunting grounds to spot the animals. After spotting the animals, we will start the stalk on foot. The last part of the hunt is exciting testing the hunter’s nerve system, because selecting the right trophy is not an easy task!. After approaching a lonely animal or a herd, there will normally be an opportunity to find support for the rifle when you are shooting. After successfully taking the animal we will pick the trophy, measure it & tag it. An honest and clear fee system with a painless booking & administration process. Note** SCI score is different than CIC. Within the price, we consider the CIC score so the SCI score of trophies is actually higher** Note** Pyrenean Chamois is valid for the GSCO CAPRA SLAM Note** The itinerary can be arranged upon request & combined with tourism** Note** We highly recommend light rifles with calibers suitable for long shots & powerful scopes that you are comfortable with**. After you successfully take the animal we will transfer you to Madrid for departure! Do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns.

Muzzleloader Bow Hunting Rifle Hunting Stalking

Pyrenean chamois

Family Friendly Fishing Gun Rental Transfer Sheep & Goat
Pyrenean Chamois hunt Pyrenean Chamois hunt Pyrenean Chamois hunt Pyrenean Chamois hunt Pyrenean Chamois hunt
Price from
for 1 day, 1 hunter

1 review

Trip available on: 25 Apr 2019 25 Apr 2020

7 days

2020 POITAHUE RANCH Father/Son Red Stag Argentina

We are one of the top ranches in Argentina offering +85,000 acres of endless free range woods with plenty of Stags, wild boar, rams and additional species like the massive water buffalo and the elusive blackbucks plus other 10 additional species... challenge for all skill levels. Woody areas assure close encounters with shots in between 50-100 meters... plains areas will require longer shots up to 300 mts. Tons of fun for rifle hunters and for bowhunters. Flat terrain with no special requirements nor any special physical condition. Everybody will enjoy the trip from the first minute to the last. On top of this, we offer excellent year round wingshooting on doves & pigeons so we can add wings to the hunt all at same location. We can offer you a Red Stag program during March/April (Stag high season). Such program will give you the chance to feel the adrenaline of the spotting and stalking challenging stags by foot and hunt additional game as per your wish list. You will be able to pick additional game in between 14 species. All of this at the same location! Recommended time window for free range stag hunt including wings and other game is a 5 days / 6 nights program. Big Game Father and Son program: Dates: April 17th-24th 2020 (excellent weeks for stags) 7 nights - 6 hunting days. All lodging and hunting services for 2 hunters. 1 Free range Red Stag for each hunter - no size limit. Option to add more species. 2 x 1 Hunting Guide. Regular Price per couple: USD 10,530 Special bookyourhunt offer per couple: USD 6,990 Option to book a seat in our regular charter flight (Buenos Aires private airport - La Pampa airport) for aprox USD 800 roundtrip. Find below for more info on logistics. Week price non Hunter: extras USD 1,750 If non hunter opts to hunt along hunters sharing the guide, we will only charge him the licence and game fees.

Muzzleloader Bow Hunting Hunting From A Blind Management Hunt Rifle Hunting Wing Shooting

Red deer

Package Trip Disabled friendly Gun Rental Transfer
2020 POITAHUE RANCH Father/Son Red Stag 2020 POITAHUE RANCH Father/Son Red Stag 2020 POITAHUE RANCH Father/Son Red Stag 2020 POITAHUE RANCH Father/Son Red Stag 2020 POITAHUE RANCH Father/Son Red Stag
Package price
for 7 days, 2 hunters

10 reviews

Trip available on: 17 Apr 2020 24 Apr 2020

6 days

Prime Moose Rut Hunt Maine, United States

Available for immediate purchase. Last season this WMD enjoyed an 87% success rate on bulls! We enjoy a 97% overall success rate. A new law recently passed by the Maine legislature allocated 50 moose permits to Maine sporting camps through a special lottery. We are working for a sporting camp that has a bull permit in Wildlife Management District 1 during the September season which is peak rut. With the ability to quarter and pack out, we’re able to get on foot to spot n stalk, placing you in Maine’s best moose country. It's not uncommon to harvest a bull at 15-25 yards with rack widths ranging from middle 40″s to middle 50″s, bulls with wider racks are possible. This is NOT A ROAD HUNT and we do not use electronic calls. Our guides know how to read sign, locate and call bulls. While we're fully prepared to get on foot in pursuit of your trophy, we can adjust the hunt based on your physical ability and desire. Note: if you tag out early, stay and enjoy opening day of grouse hunting at no extra charge (opening day for grouse is Saturday, September 28th), Maine has some of the best grouse hunting in the country! Hunting package is $15,000.00 and includes: 2 shooters, one moose (permittee and sub-permittee) 6-day hunt Private land owner access fees into the North Maine Woods Meals One on one guide Transportation while on your hunt Quartering & removing your moose from the woods Caping your moose for a shoulder or European mount Game bags Optional day of grouse hunting when tagging out early Additional costs include: Moose Permit ($1500.00) Big game hunting license $115.00 For those that are flying to Maine verses driving, we recommend flying in and out of Presque Isle and staying overnight on both ends of your hunt at the Hampton Inn, transportation to and from camp is $200 each way (3 hour drive over tar and mostly good dirt roads) If you choose to use a local butcher to cut and package your meat, $500.00 Gratuity at hunter’s discretion

Muzzleloader Bow Hunting Calling Rifle Hunting Stalking

Grouse Moose

Package Trip Gun Rental Transfer Small Game Wing Shooting
Prime Moose Rut Hunt Prime Moose Rut Hunt Prime Moose Rut Hunt Prime Moose Rut Hunt Prime Moose Rut Hunt
Package price
for 6 days, 2 hunters

5 reviews

Trip available on: 23 Sep 2019 28 Sep 2019

4 days

Whitetail Muzzleloader Hunt 2019 Nebraska, United States

Nebraska has long been a hidden “gem” of whitetail hunts that only the locals know. With us you will hunt the Elkhorn River basin which has excellent timber cover, the river running right by, and plenty of CRP with food plots placed throughout for great hunting success. All of our hunting areas are managed year round so that you have the best opportunities to see lots of deer. We take extra care to ensure that our tree stands are placed in the highest traffic areas as well as making sure that they are safe and secure. We only have a limited number of whitetail hunts available each year with many of our hunters returning year after year. We offer rifle, bow and black powder hunts. Since we have limited the number of hunters each year our properties have not been overhunted, therefore you will see many deer of various maturity levels. Many of our hunters enjoy watching the deer move through their area just as much as they enjoy the actual hunt. This really is a natural habitat for the whitetails in our area so you never know when that buck of a lifetime will step out and make your day! All of our hunts are free range and fair chase! Packages include 5 nights lodging, 4 or 4 1/2 days hunting, meals Doe hunts available upon request. When you hunt with us we provide home cooked meals, comfortable sleeping arrangements and a relaxed setting. We can accommodate individuals or groups. Group rates are available.

Muzzleloader Calling Hunting From A Blind

White-tailed deer

Package Trip Gun Rental Transfer
Whitetail Muzzleloader Hunt 2019 Whitetail Muzzleloader Hunt 2019 Whitetail Muzzleloader Hunt 2019 Whitetail Muzzleloader Hunt 2019 Whitetail Muzzleloader Hunt 2019

Trip available on: 1 Dec 2019 31 Dec 2019

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