Nile Buffalo hunting

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Where to hunt Nile Buffalo

Nile Buffalo are heavy cow-like animals, slightly smaller and browner in colour than regular Cape Buffalo. Their horns are smaller and never curve below the base of the skull, like their southern counterparts. However, they remain as unpredictable and just as dangerous when wounded. Nile Buffalo are found in the Central African Republic, Chad, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and mostly hunted in Uganda.


Currently, the only Nile Buffalo on offer on BookYourHunt are in Uganda where prices range significantly from a 9-day safari with limited trophy options at a daily rate of $1225 to a 23-day safari with maximum trophy options at a daily rate of $2700. Furthermore, Nile Buffalo trophy fees increase depending on the number of Buffalo you shoot during the safari. The first Buffalo will cost $4700, the second $5500 and your third Buffalo $6500.

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When to hunt Nile Buffalo?

Nile Buffalo may only be hunted during the respective hunting seasons, which in Uganda is from 1 July to 31 December. Rain is experienced virtually year-round in Uganda so anytime during the hunting season would be a good time to hunt. The literature describes their colour as slightly browner but in reality, these animals love mud and their colour is reflected by the colour of the soil. Being a water-dependent species they are always likely to be encountered near water and they will travel long distances to reach water drinking mostly in the late afternoon. During the heat of the day, they tend to lie up so they are best hunted when grazing in the early morning and late afternoon.



Traditionally Nile Buffalo are hunted walk and stalk style unless surprised while hunting and then will be followed up as a spot and stalk hunt. The search for fresh tracks starts on the roads and tracks leading from camp to inspect known watering points and mud wallows. Once a suitable fresh track is found, the tracker will pick up the trail and lead the hunting party towards their quarry. As you get closer the mood becomes tenser and tenser until you are close enough to start the stalk. This stalk will often lead hunters into dense thickets making for a close-up and personal hunting experience. Shooting distances are approximately 45 – 65 yards.

Why hunt Nile Buffalo?

This is probably one of Africa’s most exhilarating hunts. You can virtually hear your heart beating pumping the adrenalin through your veins. It is you against this beast of an animal known as “Black Death”. Shot placement is paramount for a successful hunt otherwise you could become the hunted when following a wounded Buffalo. Many hunters have been ambushed during these follow-up operations. They also make great shoulder mounts that will bring back many safari memories.

Nile Buffalo Safari

Nile Buffalo Safari

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2:2 Nile Buffalo & Sitatunga Safari

2:2 Nile Buffalo & Sitatunga Safari

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2:1 Short Buffalo & Limited PG Safari

2:1 Short Buffalo & Limited PG Safari

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