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Indiana ranks consistently in the top ten states to take a Boone and Crockett whitetail, with more than 40 record-book entries every year since 2010. In fact, the fourth-largest non-typical buck in the B&C book, a monster scoring 305 7/8, was taken in Indiana in 2012. In addition, Indiana hunters can pursue wild turkeys, small game, upland birds, and waterfowl. Part of the Great Lakes region, Indiana’s topography is varied; central and northern Indiana is mainly flat with some low rolling hills. Along the Lake Michigan shoreline are sand ridges and dunes, some reaching nearly 200 feet in height. The southern part of the state is characterized by deeper valleys and more rugged, hilly terrain. Legal firearms for the deer firearms season in Indiana are shotguns, handguns, centerfire rifles of specific cartridge dimensions (check the regulations for the list, as not all calibers are allowed), muzzleloading handguns, and muzzleloading long guns. When hunting deer, small game, pheasants, and quail in Indiana, hunters must wear a blaze orange jacket, vest, hat, or coveralls. Bow hunters are not required to wear blaze orange during archery-only season. Find additional information about seasons, licensing, and regulations at Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources:


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