Chachalaca hunting

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Where to hunt Chachalaca

The range of Chachalaca covers most of Latin America and extends into Southern Texas, where the bird is also known as “Mexican tree pheasant”. Indeed, Chachalaca is a long-tailed bird about the size of a pheasant. It has a brown color, bare skin on the neck, and tail with feathers that fan out when the bird is in flight to help with gliding and maneuvering. Chachalaca hunting is legal in Texas, and is offered by outfitters in Mexico, most notably in the Yucatan.

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Chachalaca hunting may involve a real hunting expedition into the wilds of the ancient Maya country. The hunt will last at least 7 days and will cost just under $5,000. This price doesn’t include shooting fees for the birds and beasts you will be fortunate to harvest. Chachalaca shooting fees may be as high as $250.

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When to hunt Chachalaca?

Охота на Юкатане ведется в засушливый сезон, так как в сезон дождей размытые дороги представляют большую проблему, в то время как животные рассеяны по джунглям, а не сосредоточены над источниками воды. Птичники предпочитают весенний сезон, который длится с марта по май, а охотники на крупную дичь - осенний сезон, с сентября по ноябрь.


Способы охоты

Chachalaca tends to feed on the ground, but spends quite a lot of their time in treetops. They are rather cautious, and on the ground prefer legs to wings as a means of escape. The birds are social and very vocal, and in fact get their name from the imitation of the sound of their call. Thus, still-hunting is perhaps the most efficient method of Chachalaca hunting. The hunter walks quietly through the places where the birds are likely to be, and tries to hear them. Then, it stalks the birds by ear. Another possible way how to hunt Chachalaca is by walking them up, with or without dogs.

Why hunt Chachalaca?

More and more international hunters discover Mexico, including but not limited to the ancient land of the Maya, the Yucatan. The main attraction of the Yucatan is not any particular species that you can hunt there. It’s the whole of the experience. It is the immersion into an unusual habitat, and the hunting traditions that date back to pre-Columbian times. It is the sounds and smells of the jungle. It’s traveling the dirt roads and swinging on hammocks. It is one of the rare opportunities in the modern world to walk in the shoes of the brave explorers of old, and bring back a few trophies as material reminders of the adventure.

Jungle Hunt '19

Jungle Hunt '19 Мексика

We offer you a unique hunting expedition to Mexican jungle where we take care of all the detials involving logistics, lodging, meals, guiding, transportation, etc. in order that hunting lovers from all over the world may find here the nicest place to practice their favorite sport. We can assure the best experience of enjoying your staying, the beauty of places, and the unique scenses and mysterious sounds of the jungle! Your day itinerary will be like the following: - You will wake up around 4-5:00 AM and have a light breakfast (coffee, orange juice, cereal and fruit). - After the morning hunt you will return to camp around 10-11:00 AM and have a complete breakfast, and before leaving camp for the afternoon hunt around 3-4:00 PM you will have snacks and refreshments. - You will return to camp around 7-8:00 PM for a full and relaxing dinner.

Длительность тура: 7 - 14 дней

Сезон охоты: 15 мар 2020 30 май 2020

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