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Bukharan Urial Hunt

Bukharan Urial Hunt Tajikistan

Community based wildlife management in Tajikistan has become a world-known successful example of conservation success through sustainable hunting, which in 2014 was internationally recognized by the prestigious CIC “Markhor Award”. Thanks to the conservation efforts by community-based conservancies, managed by local non-profits and small family enterprises and covering almost 1200 square miles (768,000 acres) populations of fascinating Marco Polo sheep, Asiatic ibex, Bukhara urial and most unique Bukhara markhor have been recovered to a level that allows for sport hunters to take unique trophies while supporting conservation (especially endangered snow leopard) and development of local rural communities! The main goal of H&CAT is to support community-based wildlife management in Tajikistan and across Central Asia. H&CAT is the association of Tajikistan’s community-based hunting organizations, which offer you the best first hand sport hunting opportunities on Marco Polo sheep, urial, ibex and markhor! H&CAT entirely handles your hunting trip, obtains all required permits and organizes all services from arrival in Tajikistan to departure to your home country and can assist in trophy shipping. By booking your hunt directly with H&CAT, you could greatly support biodiversity and rural livelihoods at the same time. H&CAT does not charge any agent commissions and thus the money you spend for the hunt is used for the excellent service you will enjoy from local people, for the protection and management of wildlife and for the wellbeing of the local communities! «Only if hunting benefits those managing wildlife and motivates local community members by supporting rural development – such hunts can be called true conservation and fair chase». (H&CAT)

Trip duration: 9 days

Trip available on: 1 November 2018 28 February 2019

$36,000 for 1 hunter
Bukharan Urial

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