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7 - 10 days

Plains Game Safari 2019 Mozambique

We offer classic Mozambique hunting safaris for buffalo, leopard, elephant, lion and plains game on over 600,000 acres of some of the finest big game hunting country on the continent. This part of Africa is legendary for outstanding hunting. If you want an authentic Mozambique hunting safari for in one of the wildest and most untamed parts of Africa, then this hunt is for you! Our hunts are conducted out of a traditional tented camp in the remote country situated along the Southern shores of lake Cahora Bassa in Tete Province, that extends out to meet with the Zimbabwe Border. This is truly wild Africa in all of its savage beauty. Our area is prime habitat, mopane forest, high kopjies a lake and rivers resulting in lots of game in the area. You’ll hunt on foot in the thick brush that covers the hunting area and experience the incredible adrenaline rush of approaching at close range before taking your shot, there is plenty of opportunity to take great trophies when hunting with us. Our prices are a flat rate price, we do not believe in hidden costs. All of our hunting packages include all expenses associated with the hunt except those specified. Hunters may add additional trophies for an additional price. If you are looking for the hunt of a lifetime, and your wish is to hunt dangerous and plains game alike in their natural environment, then our concessions are the destination of choice in Tete Province. You may hunt buffalo, elephant, hippo, crocodile, lion, leopard, kudu, chobe bushbuck, sharps grysbok, impala, duiker, reedbuck, hyena, warthog, baboon and bushpig – to name but a few. Our campfire will always be burning, and our bar and dining area abound with plentiful snacks, warm high quality meals and ice cold drink, Mozambique offers some of the last truly wild areas left in Africa, come and join us!

Baiting Rifle Hunting

Warthog Baboon Bushbuck Bushpig Grey duiker Grysbuck Impala Kudu Sable antelope Spotted hyena Waterbuck

Fishing Gun Rental Transfer Plains Game Predators
Plains Game Safari 2019 Plains Game Safari 2019 Plains Game Safari 2019 Plains Game Safari 2019 Plains Game Safari 2019
Price from
for 7 days, 1 hunter

Hunting season: 1 Apr 2019 30 Nov 2019

10 days

Two Buffalo and Plains Game Tanzania

They are large, difficult to kill, and will confront their pursuer under some circumstances. Some people claim it to be the most dangerous animal to hunt, but I do not agree. I believe that more hunters are killed and wounded by buffalo due to the fact that there are more buffalo hunted and subsequently wounded, thus leading to more dangerous encounters. Buffalo hunting is a close affair on foot that will get anyone's adrenaline pumping. Fresh tracks are followed on foot for as long as it takes (usually 2-6 hours). Buffalo typically bed down in the middle of the day and if everything is right we can sneak in on the herd and select a good bull. If things continue to go our way, you will usually shoot this large animal at 50 yards or closer. After the shot it will most likely run into the brush with the others. If it is hit is good, the wounded bull will not be able to keep up with the herd and will peel off from the group, thus making tracking easier. Sometimes, we find him dead, sometimes he waiting for us, and sometimes running away. Backup shots are often required when hunting buffalo. Bigger is better when it comes to guns for buffalo (.375 or larger). I recommend using high quality soft points (Swift A-Frame or Barnes) followed by solid bullets. Main Animal Trophy Fees Buffalo – 2,750; Buffalo (second) – 5,000

Baiting Rifle Hunting Stalking

Warthog Baboon Blue wildebeest Burchells zebra Bushpig Cape buffalo Common duiker Hartebeest Impala

Gun Rental Transfer Plains Game Big Four Dangerous Game
Two Buffalo and Plains Game Two Buffalo and Plains Game Two Buffalo and Plains Game Two Buffalo and Plains Game Two Buffalo and Plains Game
Price from
for 10 days, 1 hunter

Hunting season: 1 Jul 2020 31 Dec 2020

15 days

15 days Buffalo, Leopard and Plains Game Zimbabwe

Chirisa Safari area is one of the most visited areas in Zimbabwe and is the best in terms of large animals. The area has resident migrating animals from the Zambezi valley, Chizarira National Park and Matusadonha National Park. The main species to hunt in Chirisa is Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion, Kudu, Zebra, Waterbuck, Bush Buck, Reed Buck, Impala, Eland, Warthog, Klipspringer, Hyena and Bushpig. Chirisa has a huge and stable population of buffalo and unless a hunter is after an exceptional trophy he will shoot a buffalo. Although buffalo over 40″ are shot each year, like most hunting areas in Africa the average size bull is 38 – 39″. There is no specific best time of year to hunt buffalo in Chirisa as the population is sedentary and the area is not reliant upon any form of migration. Buffalo Hunting can be done in many areas throughout Africa. All cat hunting in Chirisa is done during daylight hours as it is a National Parks controlled safari area which limits hunting to daylight hours only. Leopards are one of the most difficult animals to successfully hunt. It takes planning and the right technique to fool this illusive animal. Plains game species can be added to the trip as per price list. In Zimbabwe hunting can be done 365 days a year, but due to the raining season hunting mostly done from April to October, most popular time is from June to August. We operate on strict quotas and cannot offer all species to every client, please ensure at the time of booking your safari that the specific species you want to hunt are available.

Baiting Rifle Hunting Stalking

Warthog African wild cat Baboon Black-backed Jackal Bushbuck Bushpig Cape buffalo Common reedbuck Dove Eland Francolin Genet cat Grey duiker Grysbuck Guineafowl Impala Klipspringer Kudu Leopard Namaqua sandgrouse Serval Spotted hyena Tuskless elephant Waterbuck Zebra

Gun Rental Transfer Plains Game Big Four Dangerous Game Small Game Predators
15 days Buffalo, Leopard and Plains Game 15 days Buffalo, Leopard and Plains Game 15 days Buffalo, Leopard and Plains Game 15 days Buffalo, Leopard and Plains Game 15 days Buffalo, Leopard and Plains Game
Price from
for 15 days, 1 hunter

Hunting season: 1 Jan 2019 31 Dec 2019

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